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Phenol + Sodium Reaction Mechanism| C6H5OH + Na = C6H5O-Na+ + H2

Phenol reacts with sodium and sườn sodium phenoxide and hydrogen gas. This is an acid - metal reaction. We know that phenol is a weak acid and sodium is a metal. This reaction help us to tát clarify phenol has acidic characteristics.

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phenol + na

Phenol reacts with sodium to tát produce sodium phenoxide and hydrogen gas

The hydrogen atom in the -OH bond is replaced by a sodium atom. Hydrogen in -OH bond is reduced to tát hydrogen gas while sodium is oxdized to tát Na+ ion.

Mechanism of the phenol + Na reaction

In this case, a sodium atom emit an electron to tát make the sodium ion (Na+) and hydrogen atom in the OH bond accepts that emitted electron to tát become a hydrogen atom. Therefore, OH bond is broken as a result and oxygen atoms receives two electrons in the -OH bond. So, there is a -1 charge on oxygen atoms now.

As lượt thích this, hydrogen atoms and sodium ions are generated. Two of hydrogen atoms combine together to tát sườn a hydrogen molecule and sodium ion makes ionic bond with oxygen (-O-).

Can I identify phenol from phenol + sodium reaction

Remember that, as phenol, alkynes with terminal hydrogen, alcohols, carboxylic acids react with sodium metal and emit hydrogen gas. So, there is no difference when phenol, alkynes with terminal hydrogen, alcohols, carboxylic acids react with sodium metal.

But, we can identify benzene from phenol because benzene does not react with sodium.

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Stoichiometric equation of phenol + sodium reaction

2C6H5OH + 2Na = 2C6H5O-Na+ + H2

If we consider the stoichiometry of the reaction, two moles of phenol reacts with two moles of sodium and produce one mole of hydrogen gas and two mole of sodium phenoate.

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